MIOO was born from the desire to build a bridge between the old and the new world by permanently combining the offline with the online through an exclusive range of branding products and opportunities.

MIOO can transform all the goods of the luxury fashion and design brands into true “Metaverse Interactive Objects”, that are real and precious digital items, which are enjoyable, collectable and sellable in the Metaverse.

Thanks to MIOO’s innovative modular customer engagement system, brands will have access to a new and truly valuable medium to directly communicate to and activate their clients.

By associating individual NFTs redeemable only upon the valid purchase of the physical fashion items, brands can certify to their customers the authenticity of each of their products.

MIOO focuses on providing a solution facilitating the entry of luxury fashion brands into the decentralized worlds that is truly sustainable, green, and easy to integrate.


MIOO uses Hedera, the most sustainable NFT technology on the market, offering a truly green solution to its partners.

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