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MIOO is a company headquartered in Lugano, co-founded in 2022 by Niccolò Mion, CEO of MION Spa, and Etan Genini, tech entrepreneur and CEO of Valuart, with the goal of making all the products of the most prominent luxury fashion brands sustainable "Metaverse Interactive Objects", i.e. digital objects that are real and valuable, but also collectable and saleable in the Metaverse thanks to its unique technology. 

+50 Years Manufacturing Experience

MIOO Hardwares are produce by MION SPA, leading company since 55 years in the field of the luxury fashion supply.

+20 Years IP Management Experience

MIOO’s team provides strategical support since more then 20 years to some of the most prominent fashion, tech and entertainment brands.

+20 Years Tech Development Experience

MIOO development team is providing software solutions for global institutions since more then 20 years.


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