The New Standard
in Product Integrity

At MIOO, we are redefining the way authenticity is perceived across the luxury and design sectors, driven by our foundational belief in the power of genuine product integrity to transform brand-customer relationships. To this end MIOO technology is centered on delivering scalable, verifiable authenticity, leveraging advanced blockchain technology in combination with innovative customer engagement tools.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to seamlessly blend into diverse brand narratives, enhancing customer experiences and solidifying trust in every interaction. By transforming every purchase transaction into an opportunity for engagement and trust, we enable brands to transcend traditional boundaries and set new standards in modern authentication processes.

+50 Years Manufacturing Experience

MIOO Hardwares are produce by MION SPA, leading company since 55 years in the field of the luxury fashion supply.

+20 Years IP Management Experience

MIOO’s team provides strategical support since more then 20 years to some of the most prominent fashion, tech and entertainment brands.

+20 Years Tech Development Experience

MIOO development team is providing software solutions for global institutions since more then 20 years.


MIOO is redefining the way luxury brands approach product authenticity and customer engagement. Partner with us to set a new benchmark in digital trust and customer loyalty, paving the way for future success.


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